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Greenify 12-0-0 w/ 6% Iron

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Revitalize your lawn with our Greenify liquid iron spray, enriched with essential nutrients for vibrant, lush grass and professional-grade results.

Product Information

About Greenify

ELEVATE LAWN HEALTH: Our Greenify liquid iron spray, serving as both iron fertilizer and grass fertilizer for lawn care, fortifies your grass with essential nutrients. Designed to provide iron for grass lawn vitality, it revitalizes your lawn with a lush, green appeal. With chelated liquid iron our spray facilitates swift absorption by grass roots, optimizing nutrient uptake.

NITROGEN - INFUSED VITALITY: Our liquid nitrogen spray enhances soil fertility and promotes the lush green grass you desire. The nitrogen fertilizer fuels vigorous leaf and stem development,ensuring a vibrant lawn.

ESSENTIAL MICRONUTRIENTS : Infused with sulfur and magnesium, our liquid fertilizer spray enriches your lawn with vital micronutrients essential for healthy growth. Sulfur aids in chlorophyll production, enhancing grass color, while magnesium promotes enzyme activation, boosting photosynthesis efficiency for lush, green, amazing grass.

EASY APPLICATION: Equipped with a lawn sprayer, our liquid fertilizer for grass offers a simple,hassle-free application. Covering large lawn areas with ease, it ensures even distribution of nutrients, making lawn care a breeze with our simple lawn solutions.

PROFESSIONAL - GRADE RESULTS: Crafted with precision and quality in the USA, our liquid iron spray delivers professional-grade outcomes. Made for success, it serves as liquid plant food, guaranteeing a vibrant, thriving lawn that's the envy of the neighborhood.

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Hose-End Sprayer

Use with other hose-end-sprayers, apply 3-9 oz per 1,000 sqft

Easy To Use

Easily attach hose, turn dial "on" and apply

Pump Up Sprayer

Pump-up sprayer, use 2-4 tsp per gallon of water

Hand Watering

Hand watering, using 2-8 tsp per gallon of water

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