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Hi, my name is Yousef and I am the owner and founder of Humboldts Secret Supplies.  I used to be a grower, but now I just make nutrients for growers all around the world.  Schedule a call with me now and see how I can help you better reach your goals.

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Humboldt is the best stuff we’ve ever used!! Amazing results!! Best prices, and super fast shipping


Very pleased with this product. I had been using House and Garden but had been getting weird deficiencies due to product inconsistencies. Since switching over to Humboldts Secret I have had zero issues with any sort of deficiency in my plants. Second time using this product. One of the best on the market!


Ive been using this product line for few years now and i have to say...... It is a must for a wide variety of household and outdoor plants. All my plants are thriving


This product has exceeded my expectations. I went to college in Humboldt and wanted to try this out. During the vegetative stage my plants grew fast and leafy. Once it was time for my plants to bud they were on steroids! If you want your plants to be healthy and produce... use this product. I have personally recommended it to all my friends with a green thumb.


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