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Do you have a small yard or only a rooftop area to cultivate plants? Gardening vertically might be the solution to your limited space problems. Vertical gardening is a highly productive growing system that uses bottom-up and top-down supports to grow plants in a vertical position. 

You can grow a wide array of crops in this way such as melons, berries, honeysuckle, tomatoes, peas, cucumbers, and more. Vertical gardening to save space only requires a bed large enough to support the plant’s root system. 

Benefits of Vertical Gardening 

Vertical gardening looks fantastic. It creates a wall of lush greenery. In addition, you have ample access to the plants for cultivation care. However, there are other benefits to vertical gardening. Let’s look at why you should consider vertical gardening:

Saves Space

Yes, vertical gardening saves space. You can grow vining plants with vertical supports instead of letting the vines sprawl across the ground.

If you want to plant a garden on your patio, rooftop, or deck then you can use vertical containers affixed to a wall space to grow an abundance of plants. You can even try your green thumb at vertical hydroponic cultivation. 

Choose Non-Traditional Spaces for Gardening

As mentioned, a vertical garden frees you from traditional plots of land. You can grow against a wall or fence. All that is required to vertically garden are containers and sunlight. Whether you grow from your roof, balcony, or in a small area of the garden, you can easily grow a bountiful harvest.

Create a Living Wall

Growing vertically adds visual interest to the garden. You can also hide unsightly structures such as sheds, garages, or ugly walls behind a cover of green growth. You can even create a privacy fence with vertical gardening.

Form actual garden rooms in your yard for privacy using vertical gardens. You are basically building walls of plants when you garden vertically so you can truly create depth to your landscape and form secret alcoves for added privacy. 

Easy Maintenance

Maintenance of a vertical garden is easy and carefree. You do not have to worry about weeds, soil-borne diseases, or other pests. 

Added Sun Exposure

The vertical wall lifts your plants up for maximum sun exposure. Your plants will thrive far better than crowded on the ground. 

Healthier Plants

Trellising your plants helps lift them up away from the soil which prevents soil-borne diseases such as funguses and other diseases. Your plants will be far healthier and exhibit fewer signs of rot. T

he positioning of the plants also promotes airflow around the foliage. Pests also have a harder time reaching vertically grown plants. 

Easier Harvests

Harvesting fruits and veggies that are grown vertically is easier because you do not have to bend over to pick. Instead, with the vertical positioning, you have easy access to all the produce. 

Isn’t it time you tried vertical gardening?  If you are planning our vertical garden, then do not forget to purchase nutrients to make the plants thrive. At Humboldts Secret Supplies Starter Kit HERE.  


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