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Frequently Asked Questions

No! Humboldts Secret Supplies Starter Kit can be used in all grow mediums including soil, hydroponic systems, indoor plants, outdoor gardens, tower gardens and more!

Our Starter Kit will make between 125 and 150 gallons of nutrient solution.

Honestly, no! You need at minimum Base A&B plus Golden Tree to have a successful and healthy grow. Our additional additives are for use at your discretion, or are needed for certain growing mediums and hydroponic systems. We encourage you to play around with what works for you!

YES! All of our nutrients are meant to be used together, and can all be combined into the same gallon of water. Just remember to never combine nutrients together in their concentrated state to avoid nutrient lock out.

Our shipments are sent with discrete packaging.

Yes. It can be used in any grow medium. 

You will want to pH test. The mix is generally within the right pH range without having to adjust much.

Yes, you will have the best looking tomatoes on the block!

Every time you water is best. You can use less often but there is no guarantee on the results. 

It works great in DWC

As long as they are properly stored with the lid securely tightened they will last for years.

That decision is up to you, but we do not see much of a difference in results from flushing or not. You can flush with water in the last week of flower if you want to.

Only the Golden Tree could be considered organic. 


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