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Flower Shield

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Flower Shield by Humboldts Secret is a alternative when it comes to pest management and made from products exempt from EPA registration under minimum risk pesticides according to FIFRA 25(b). Thousands of growers across multiple sectors use Flower Shield as a key component in their Integrated Pest Management Program.

Product Information

About Flower Shield

EXEMPT FROM EPA REGISTRATION: Humboldts Secret takes pride in creating products for your plants. You’ll be pleased to know that Flower Shield is made from products exempt from EPA registration under minimum risk pesticides according to FIFRA 25(b).

PEST MANAGEMENT: Flower Shield by Humboldts Secret is a pest management alternative that works as both a preventative and knock-down treatment for pests and fungus.

INSECTICIDE, PESTICIDE & MITICIDE: Our Flower Shield formula will kill mites, their eggs, and soft-bodied insects while also controlling powdery mildew. Weekly applications will create an environment that is lethal to pests and fungal spores, but not your plants.

WORKS ON CONTACT, NO IMMUNITY BUILDUP: Flower Shield is an insecticide, fungicide, and miticide that works on contact and does not allow immunity buildup. Insects cannot become immune to the ingredients found in Flower Shield.

CONTROLS POWDERY MILDEW: Our formula contains effective ingredients that control and prevent naturally without harming or affecting the environment of your plants in any way.

It’s important to shake the bottle thoroughly prior to use to make sure ingredients are appropriately mixed.

Measure out 0.5-2oz of Flower Shield. For your initial application, use 2oz/gallon of water. For ongoing maintenance and powdery mildew, use 0.5-oz/gallon of water.

Dilute your Flower Shield into your filled sprayer and thoroughly mix. It’s natural for the solution to separate from the water after it’s been mixed, so remember to give your spray bottle a shake every couple of minutes.

Apply your Flower Shield solution as a foliar spray only, never apply to the roots. IMPORTANT: Only apply Flower Shield in the very early morning, evening or when the main grow room lights are off.

We are confident that you will be pleased with your product and offer a 6 month 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Refer to our return policy for full terms for the satisfaction guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

FIFRA stands for the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act and governs the regulation of pesticides in the United States by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Under FIFRA section 25(b) Flower Shield qualifies as a Minimum Risk Pesticide as it poses little to no risk to human health or the environment and is exempt from registration with the EPA.

Flower Shield requires repeat application as it works on contact. Use Flower Shield as part of your integrated pest management system and apply as often as needed.

Although there is nothing harmful in Flower Shield and you can technically use it thru flower, as a good rule of thumb we don’t suggest applying anything too far into flower.

We recommend using it once it’s mixed, but you can keep it in a cool, dry and dark place for 1-3 days. Remember to shake thoroughly prior and during each use. PRO TIP: Depending on the size of the area you are treating, you may find that you don’t need an entire gallon of solution as with a foliar spray, a little goes a long way. Try diluting a smaller amount of solution: Add 1.5-2 teaspoons to a standard 16oz spray bottle!

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Amazon C.
Goodbye mean bugs!

Does the job well!

Best bug/mold killer

It kills fungus gnats. It kills spider. It kills aphids, beetles, millipedes, and flies. And let’s not forget mold. And I absolutely love that this little bottle can go farther than it’s competitors.

Captain O.
It works

I have to say this is a very good product not only did it **** all the past and problems that I was having but I have now seen a dramatic change in the plant growth by at least three inches and the past two three days after use so I am very happy with this especially when I thought I was going to have to just cut it down and now it's already starting to look very promising thank you

Don C.
This stuff works.

Worked well . Used as directed and have seen no issues since 4 sequential evening applications. I sprayed the under sides of the leaves first then went back and sprayed the top sides . Completely saturated the plants using a pump /pressure sprayer. This small bottle treated my garden of 11 plants 4 times with a small amount left over. Solid product easy to use and most importantly it is effective. No signs of PM or pests since.


Great like frosted flakes


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