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Burrito Pepper Timelape

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Each Starter Kit Includes:

  • World's Best Base Nutrient System Grow & Bloom Base A and B (1/4 Gallon of Each)
  • Golden Tree (1/8 Gallon)
  • Flower Stacker (1/4 Gallon)
  • CalMag & Iron (1/4 Gallon)
  • Plant Enzymes (8 Ounces)

“Very pleased with this product. Since switching over to Humboldts Secret I have had zero issues with any sort of issues in my plants. Second time using this product. One of the best on the market!”

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Meet our founder, Ben

Humboldts Secret Supplies begins with the story of Ben. He was known for producing the best flowers in Southern California, and after a run-in with the law, he changed industries. Now out of the growing game, Ben saw a need in the nutrient additive marketplace. He wanted to make an additive so good that it could be used as an All-In-One additive, consolidating multiple additives into one. After a lot of hard work he developed a product and named it Golden Tree. The name made sense, because any tree that got a taste of it would turn to gold for the grower.
Since Golden Tree, HSS has emerged as one of the major plant nutrient manufacturers and suppliers to hydroponic/agricultural distributors in the United States. We now have more additives than Golden Tree but they remain on our optional list, keeping our core beliefs of growing with simplicity through our formula Base A+B+Golden Tree. We are waiting to hear from you. Become a friend of ours today.


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Rated by hundreds of happy growers

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