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Everything Kit

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LIMITED OFFER: Buy the Everything Kit and get (4) 8 Ounce Everything Indoor for FREE to share with a friend!

All Plants Covered - this bundle includes plant food for indoor house plants, plant food for outdoor use, and plant food for all plant types at various growth stages. Use them for fruit trees, house plants, potted plants, or as lawn fertilizer.

Product Information

About the Everything Kit

ROBUST NUTRIENTS: These liquid concentrate and powder plant foods provide balanced nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, kelp, and other macro and micronutrients. They boost nutrient uptake, soil structure, pH regulation, stress resistance, and crop yields.

EVERYTHING INDOOR 3-3-3 NPK: A 100% vegan formula derived from monopotassium phosphate, potassium nitrate, and kelp. Its balanced NPK content delivers essential elements to your house plants, boosting their optimum nutrient absorption and growth.

EVERYTHING OUTDOOR 5-5-5 NPK: This liquid fertilizer provides key NPK macro and micronutrients like trace minerals and soil microbes. Spray it using the hose-end on your lawn on fruit trees, crops, herbs, and vegetable gardens for a better harvest.

EVERYTHING GROWING 20-20-20 NPK: This versatile nutrition powerhouse powder works for both indoor and outdoor plants. It delivers balanced essential nutrients, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium that nourish and support your plants from seed to yield.

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Everything Outdoor

Easily attach to hose, use with pump-up sprayer, or add to watering can.

Everything Growing

Use as a liquid or as a powder.

Everything Indoor

Apply to houseplants once per week.

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Customer Feedback

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Rated by hundreds of happy growers

Grow bigger plants in less time without struggle

Get the Startaer Kit for only $170.77 $99.99

Each Starter Kit Includes:

  • World's Best Base Nutrient System Grow & Bloom Base A and B (1/4 Gallon of Each)
  • Golden Tree (1/8 Gallon)
  • Flower Stacker (1/4 Gallon)
  • CalMag & Iron (1/4 Gallon)
  • Plant Enzymes (8 Ounces)
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