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Starter Kit 2

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Our Starter Kit 2 comes with everything included in Starter Kit 1 PLUS a ¼ gallon each of Sweet & Sticky and Tree Trunk!.

Golden Tree is not currently included with this item in orders shipped to California*
If you reside in California you will receive a 1/8 gallon of Plant Enzymes in the place of Golden Tree in your Starter Kit*

Product Information

Also Includes ¼ Gallon Sweet & Sticky and Tree Trunk

CARBOHYDRATE/SACCHARIDE ENERGY SOURCE: Our Sweet & Sticky formula contains a rich source of carbohydrates, energy, and microbe food that is suitable for organic soil and all indoor or outdoor plants and is effective in all mediums.

SUPPORTS THRIVING MICROBIAL LIFE: A thriving microbial life directly impacts your plants’ most profitable features. Ensure your plants have all the energy they need by feeding them Sweet & Sticky.

ENHANCES FLAVOR, AROMA, AND ESSENTIAL OILS: Sweet & Sticky enhances natural flavor, aroma, and essential oils in all sorts of indoor and outdoor plants thanks to its abundant source of carbohydrates, saccharide energy, and microbe food.

SUITABLE FOR HYDROPONIC, COCO, AND SOIL CULTIVATION: Sweet & Sticky is perfectly suited for multiple growing mediums, such as hydroponic and aquaponic systems, coco mixes, organic soil, and potting soil for indoor plants.

INCREASE QUALITY AND YIELD SIZE: A high concentration of carbohydrates enhances quality and results in bigger and tastier yields. Our powerful formula also increases resin production during the flowering phase.

PREMIUM POTASSIUM SILICATE-BASED PRODUCT: Tree Trunk features advanced nutrients that will help strengthen the cell walls of plants, resulting in thicker stalks and better branch development, pest resistance, and environmental tolerance!

INCREASED PLANT STRENGTH: Watch your plants grow strong and healthy by applying Tree Trunk liquid fertilizer. Hydroponic nutrients make our product suitable as quality indoor plant food.

INCREASED STRESS RESISTANCE: Stress-resistance is needed to ensure yield stability under stress conditions and minimize the environmental impacts of crop production. The advanced nutrients in our product contribute to strong, stress-resistant plants.

THICK STALKS AND BETTER BRANCH DEVELOPMENT: Our healthy liquid fertilizer will help you achieve sturdy, thick stalks as well as strong and abundant branches.

COMPATIBLE IN ALL GROW MEDIUMS: This formula makes for an excellent indoor plant fertilizer suitable for all grow mediums. The usage rate is between 2.5-5 ml/gallon (5 ml is approx. 1 teaspoon) throughout the entire grow cycle.

Burrito Pepper Timelape

568% Increase using HSS Nutrients

We are confident that you will be pleased with your product and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you are not satisfied simply return the unused portion to us within 6 months along with your original receipt for a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

No! Humboldts Secret Supplies Starter Kit can be used in all grow mediums including soil, hydroponic systems, indoor plants, outdoor gardens, tower gardens and more!

Our Starter Kit will make between 125 and 150 gallons of nutrient solution.

Honestly, no! You need at minimum Base A&B plus Golden Tree to have a successful and healthy grow. Our additional additives are for use at your discretion, or are needed for certain growing mediums and hydroponic systems. We encourage you to play around with what works for you!

YES! All of our nutrients are meant to be used together, and can all be combined into the same gallon of water. Just remember to never combine nutrients together in their concentrated state to avoid nutrient lock out.

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