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INCREASES NUTRIENT ABSORPTION: It’s created to effectively increase and optimize pH levels in various plant growth mediums including hydroponic nutrients pH, and maximize nutrient uptake and yield.

Product Information

About PH UP

SAVES COSTS: A single bottle can go a long way. It’s a concentrated solution so you just need a few drops for maximum effectiveness. Enjoy outstanding output with minimal gardening cost increment!

CLEAN INGREDIENTS: This hydroponic pH controller is made with high-quality commercial-grade, water soluble potassium hydroxide and is 100% dye-free and additives-free, so it’s medium-friendly and ideal for your beloved botanicals.

VERSATILE USE: You can use our pH UP with your balanced nutrient solution for various growth environments like soil, water, hydroponic systems, coco cultivations, DWC systems, and more.

MADE BY EXPERTS: The hydroponic pH balance booster has been thoughtfully created by growers for growers. It’s a product of many years of gardening expertise and practical experience, so you can rest assured of its efficacy and potency.

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