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Summer is about to kick off and you are probably getting excited as you watch your garden come alive in vibrant greens. Soon, your plants will produce flowers! Any gardener, whether hobby or professional, dreams of a profusion of non-stop blooms and big fat buds all season. Imagine if you could make those fantasies a reality? Well, you can!  Give your buds and blooms a boost with phosphorus and potassium! 


Phosphorus and Potassium During the Flowering Stage


A plant’s life cycle is always focused on reproduction and flowering is a crucial stage. Most home gardeners are familiar with the importance of nitrogen. It helps promote vegetative growth and turns your lawn a brilliant green. However, too much vegetation on a plant is a bad thing. The plant spends all its time and energy growing foliage and then has extraordinarily little reserves remaining to flower.


Over-fertilizing with nitrogen is one of the main reasons why gardeners achieve very few blooms and weak buds. Ideally, you should only use nitrogen during the plant’s vegetative growth, and then it’s time to switch things up for the next stage – flowering and bud production. Phosphorus and potassium are needed to create a profusion of blooms. Luckily, our formula the ‘Humboldts Secret Flower Stacker’ is a specialized phosphorus and potassium formula. 


Understanding the Importance of Phosphorus


Phosphorus is a key nutrient needed by your plants to grow a strong root system, develop flowers, and produce fruit. Providing the correct amount of phosphorus to your plants during the flowering stage is an essential bloom booster. 


The Importance of Potassium 


Potassium is used by the plant for metabolism. It also helps to fuel the root system’s growth and increase the size of flowers and fruit. Without a doubt, potassium is a crucial nutrient that all plants need. Sadly, soil can quickly become depleted of the potassium if you are growing outdoors. Adding potassium is a necessity whether you are growing hydroponically or in soil. With certain plants, potassium during flowering is crucial to increase yield by stimulating flower bud formation. Without adequate potassium, you will never achieve robust buds and your harvest will be subpar. 


A Balanced Fertilizer


Now that we have covered the importance of phosphorus and potassium for flowering, you might think that you can create your own formula or buy any brand of fertilizer, but this is not the case. Plants need a balanced blend of both phosphorus and potassium. Too little or too much of a good thing is harmful to growth and might hinder blooming. Humboldts Secret Flower Stacker works perfectly for hydroponics or soil gardening. 


What is Special About Humboldts Secret Flower Stacker? 


All the ingredients that go into Humboldts Secret Flower Stacker work together to help your plants thrive and promote maximum flower production along with ample aroma. In addition, the formula contains vitamin B1 which helps with transplant shock, aids in rooting, and assists with growth while stimulating early flowering and the setting of fruit. 


With Humboldts Secret Flower Stacker you can increase your plant’s flowering ability by 30 percent!  You’ll be able to enjoy ample blooms all summer and even clip the flowers to make fragrant bouquets. Also, everyone will be amazed at the size of your buds. If you are cultivating a garden for produce, then you also depend on proficient flower production for an impressive harvest, so you’ll be astonished at your yield.

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