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Do you dream of having a lush garden, but live in a small apartment or other unsuitable location? Don’t despair. You can still grow fresh veggies and herbs even with limited space because hydroponic gardening in small spaces is easy and produces truly outstanding yields. 

Understanding Hydroponic Gardening

With hydroponic gardening, plants are not grown in traditional soil but a nutrient solution using a porous medium such as rock wool, perlite, coco noir, or clay balls as a substrate. Exposing the roots of the plant directly to nutrient-infused water lets the plant put its energy towards growth and not burrowing through the soil so you enjoy large and more robust plants for an impressive harvest. 

Hydroponic Gardening and Space

Hydroponic gardening requires truly little space. Plants do not have to spend their lifespan competing for nutrients so they can be grown close together. Many people also grow plants hydroponically in a vertical fashion to save even more space. 

You can easily grow hydroponically on a balcony or fence by stacking the plants which will triple or quadruple your potential yield while using virtually no space. 

Soilless growing also makes the plants far less prone to contracting a soil-borne disease. Gardeners don’t have to worry about using harmful pesticides or herbicides which is a huge perk if you are growing edible plants. 

Choosing a Hydroponic System 

When shopping for a hydroponic system, you’ll encounter several diverse types. The nutrient film technique (NFT) works by covering the lower part of the plants in a thin fil of nutrients while leaving the upper portion of the root system dry and exposed to oxygen. You’ll need only a pipe, reservoir, and a small submersible pump. The water and nutrients are recycled constantly using the pump. The NFT system is one of the easiest and most affordable for small space gardeners. 

To support the plants, use coco, terra, or some other hydroponic medium. 

Once you set up your hydroponic system, all you‘ll need to do is monitor the water and nutrients. 

Plants for Hydroponics 

Once your hydroponic system is set up, you’ll need to pick the best plants. You can choose from herbs, vegetables, or flowers to hydroponically grow. Easy plants include leafy greens, basil, cucumber, and coriander. 

Picking a Nutrient Solution

No matter which hydroponic system or plants you pick, one of the keys to your success is the use of a nutrient solution that meets the growth cycle needs of your plants. At Humboldt Secret Supplies, we have the correct nutrient solutions to meet all of your hydroponic gardening needs for each life cycle of your plant. 

Hydroponic Gardening Tips

Below are just a few tips on hydroponic gardening:

  • Keep your hydroponic water clean and make sure you are using adequate nutrients. 
  • Grow your plants indoors near a south-facing window. Ensure that the plants receive at least six hours of sunlight per day. If you do not have a window that provides sufficient sunlight, then consider using a grow lamp. 
  • Check the water pH. Ideally, it should hover around 5.8 to 6.2.

When setting up your hydroponic system, don’t forget the nutrients! Contact Humboldt Secret Supplies to learn about their full line of nutrient solutions to meet all of your hydroponic gardening needs. 

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