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Whether you are using hydroponics or traditional soil growing methods, Humboldts Secret, Golden Tree nutrient additive is the way to go.

Most of my grower friends know by now that I can´t say enough good things about Humboldts Secret Golden Tree. As a nutrient additive, it gives my crop the added punch it needs for higher yields and faster, healthier growth. Hell, I feel sort of like it´s the all-natural "Viagra" for us in the Mary Jane camp…without the nasty "seeing everything in blue" side-effects. ;)

Before I decided to go purely hydroponic, I was sort of torn between soil versus pure hydroponics. Ever since making the shift, I´m a 100% hydroponics guy, mainly because, in my situation, it helps me to conserve space and spend less effort dealing with heavy potting soil, cleaning up mess, and disposing of refuse. I do miss the "old fashioned" farmer feeling I used to have with getting the dirt under my nails though, and for those of you out there who have the space needed and the luxury of maybe no nosey next- door neighbors, I can´t say enough about the comfort of soil. If you´re into growing outside, and have the ample space and site security to do so…more power to you! Heck, I even have one grower friend who runs both outdoor and indoor grows. He gets the most he can out of the weather/season dictated outdoor grow, and he´s always got his controlled grow room going year round and filling out the gaps when outdoors is a no-go. 24/7 production, baybee!

I used Golden Tree in my soil-potted plants before I made the switch, and so I can say with authority that the results were great with soil! I´m even happier to say that those same results, the crazy high yields, the great tasting product, and the consistently nice "stone" effect and punch have kept on going for me after my switch to hydroponics growth methods for every crop.

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