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So, you want to start a hydroponic garden? You have probably heard the hype on hydroponic gardening and how it can substantially increase your plant’s yields. Yes, plants do grow larger and more robust with less space, plus you can garden year-round! Without a doubt, hydroponic gardening is great if you have a limited area to garden - such as a small apartment - because you do not have to garden outdoors for a successful harvest. 

What Exactly is Hydroponic Gardening? 

Hydroponic gardening is soil-free. Instead, the root system is submerged in a nutrient-rich solution and sometimes an inert growing material like sand or perlite. A hydroponic growing system might sound complicated, but it is easy. All you need to get started is a hydroponic grow system, nutrients such as Humboldts Secret Starter Kit, an inert grow medium, light, and the plants of your choice. 

Benefits of Hydroponics

The benefits of hydroponics are numerous. You can start out as small or as large as you want. Either try a few plants go a hundred. It is ultimately your choice.

Here are the most popular reasons why you might want to try hydroponic gardening: 

  • Accelerated Growth: Yes, you will experience accelerated growth rate when you hydroponically farm. Most plants grow 20 percent faster in hydroponics instead of soil. 
  • Huge Yields: Typically, you will achieve 20 to 25 percent greater yields using hydro vs. soil. 
  • Saves Space: If you live in an apartment or small home then space is a premium. You can grow far more plants closer together. 
  • No Soil: Soil is messy, and it takes up space so growing in a nutrient solution is far easier. 
  • Water-saving: When you grow plants in soil then you waste water. However, when growing hydroponically, you use extraordinarily little water and only a small amount of nutrient solution, so you save a sizable amount of water. 
  • Fewer Pests and Disease: Soil attracts not only pests but disease. 
  • No Weeds: You do not have to worry about weeding around your plants when you use hydroponics to grow. 

Hydroponic Systems 

As a beginner, you will want to explore the three main systems: the water culture system, the wick system, and the egg and flow system. Once you have a handle on one of the three easy systems then you can graduate to one of the more advanced techniques known as the aeroponic or the nutrient film technique.  

What Are Easy Plants to Grow Hydroponically?

If you are a newbie then start out with greens like lettuce, kale, Swiss chard, or spinach. You can also try your hand at parsley, mint, basil, oregano, or cilantro. Fruiting plants such as hot peppers, tomatoes, and strawberries are other options. 

If you have decided to try hydroponic gardening, then you will want to pick a nutrient solution that you can trust. Humboldts Secret Start Kit makes from 125 to 150 gallons of nutrient solution to meet your crop’s needs. 

Our kit comes with:

Hydroponics is the new way to garden successfully in a small space. With revolutionary technology, you can enjoy your green thumb skills year-round. 

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