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With winter right around the corner, many gardening enthusiasts are seeking ways to extend the season so they can continue to enjoy a bountiful harvest. One of the best ways to keep growing the veggies you love is to bring the grow operation indoors.

Hydroponics Indoors 

When cultivating indoors, you can purchase a grow tent, grow closet, or try hydroponically gardening in a spare room or small corner of your living space. Without a doubt, hydroponic cultivation is your best choice because you don’t need a lot of room and you can grow a bevy of veggies quickly and with extraordinarily little effort. In this article, we will explore the benefits of hydroponic gardening.

Plants Flourish Hydroponically 

If you aren’t familiar with hydroponic systems, then the whole concept might seem very new-age and like something out of Star Trek, but it is immensely popular around the world. With hydroponic gardening, you use no soil. Instead, the entire farming process is water-based. The plants rely on nutrient-rich water to gain what they need to flourish. If you plan on gardening indoors, the lack of soil means far less mess!

Plants Take Up Less Space 

Plants grown in soil take up a lot of space because the plants must spread their root system out in search of nutrients, but plants grown in water can thrive in a small area. You can plant a bevy of plants close together and deliver the nutrients directly to the plant’s root system. Ultimately, you can grow far more plants in a small area hydroponically then you can in a small space. 

Fewer Pests and Weeds 

Hydroponic solutions, like Humboldts Starter Kit 1, provide everything your plants need to thrive. You can grow them naturally in the water and nutrient solution without ever having to worry about weeds taking control of the garden. This means that you won’t’ need to use harmful herbicides. Also, growing the plants in your home hydroponically means that you won’t’ have to deal with garden pests and you can abstain from using harmful pesticides. 

Faster Growth and a Greater Harvest 

During the dark and gloomy winter months, you might think that the growth of your plants will slow but plants that are grown using hydroponic systems grow up to 50 percent faster than those cultivated in soil. With no environmentally induced stress factors like weather and pests, optimum nutrients such as Humboldts solutions, and ample water, the plants grow quickly and produce well. You’ll be amazed at how well leafy greens and thirsty fruits like tomatoes do in a hydroponic environment. 

Control Over Hydroponic Nutrients 

Hydroponic systems allow you to control the nutrient solutions in the water, so you have far greater control over your crops. With Humboldts Starter Kit nutrients there are solutions for every growth cycle of the plant. You’ll have the essential nutrients that you need to truly control the growth of your plants all winter long so you can quickly start to harvest fresh veggies for the holiday season. 

If you want to grow vegetables indoors during the winter, then you will want to learn more about the benefits of hydroponic gardening. 

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