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It’s been a long winter, and in many parts of the nation, a hard one. Most people are dreaming about spring as the days grow longer. Luckily, the season of renewal is right around the corner. Gardening enthusiasts are already starting to plan by making their spring garden checklist. Many have even started to make their online orders of much-needed plants and supplies before the vendors start to run short with the inevitable ‘spring rush’.

Creating Your Spring Garden Checklist

Here is an easy-to-follow guide of exactly what your spring garden checklist should look like.

Warm Weather Bulbs

Have you ordered your warm weather bulbs yet? Get your online orders in because the most popular types sell out quickly. Many people start their warm weather bulbs indoors (especially in areas that suffer long cold springs). Sprout the bulbs in nursery pots in a sunny window or sunroom. 


Are you ready with compost? One of the first spring garden chores you’ll need to complete is to add two to three inches of mulch around your plants. The compost helps keep the roots warm during spring temperature fluctuations, helps the soil hold moisture, and prevents unwanted weed growth.

Gather the Hoses

Check your hoses for cracks or leaks. If the hoses are looking poor, then you might want to order new hoses in anticipation of spring. 

Sharpen Your Tools

It's time to gather up your gardening shears and other tools to sharpen for spring pruning and use. You can also score some great deals on garden tools if you order early before the spring rush so you might want to start stockpiling. 

Start Cleaning Up the Beds

Even if it is cold outside you can still bundle up and start cleaning up the flower beds in preparation for spring planting. You want to get the debris raked and picked up before the tender shoots of the newly emerging plants break through the soil’s surface because they can easily be broken by excessive springtime cleaning. Ideally, you should work on your hands and knees and forego a rake for optimum garden clean up. 

Prune Grass Clumps

Do you have ornamental grasses in the garden? Grab the pruning shears and start pruning the dead top portion away and discard it. Cut them all the way back in preparation for their inevitable spring growth. 

Inspect Pathways

Stepper and flagstone pathways often crack or become uneven as the soil heaves during the freezing and thawing process. Catching the problem areas early can prevent a tripping hazard. You can replace the damaged stones early so they have time to settle into the soil before its time to start working in the garden. 

Order Plants and Supplies

Most online retailers take orders in January and February. They will then ship the plants and supplies at the optimum time for planting in your USDA zone. You’ll want to order early before the favorites sell out. Order Humboldts Secret Starter Kit plant nutrients early for substantial savings! You’ll want to have everything ready so you can immediately start gardening when the spring weather arrives.

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