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With winter looming, you might not be ready to give up gardening just yet. Why not try to grow a few plants indoors hydroponically? In this article, we will look at the benefits of growing hydroponically indoors and what plants will flourish. 

Benefits of Growing Hydroponically Indoors 

Hydroponically grown foods are nutritious and taste fantastic. In addition, you need far less space to grow hydroponically then you do with a garden or using soil mediums. You can increase production three to ten times using the same amount of space when you decide to grow hydroponically. You’ll also decrease the harvest time and the plants typically grow twice as fast. 

Best Plants to Grow Hydroponically

As the mercury starts to dip, why not try indoor farming in a climate-controlled environment so you can continue to enjoy the foods you love. 


Lettuces are nutritious and versatile. In addition, they grow fast in a hydroponics system You can use either NFT, EBB &Flow, or Aeroponics. This is an ideal veggie if you are new to this form of gardening. 


Whether you pick traditional or cherry tomatoes, the plants will thrive with hydroponics. However please remember that tomatoes require lots of light, so you’ll need to use HIB or full spectrum lights to continue growing tomatoes indoors during the dark days of winter. 


Kale is terribly like lettuce when grown hydroponically, the leafy nutritious plant offers many health benefits and will flourish using the water-based grow system. 


The nice thing about spinach is that you can easily enjoy 12 weeks of continuous harvest once the plant starts to flourish. Unlike some plants, spinach does not require a great deal of light so you might be able to grow it with a south-facing window exposure indoors which will save you money if you can abstain from using grow lights.


Yes, you can grow the vining plant indoors hydroponically. You can choose from thick-skinned American slicers, smooth-skinned Lebanese, or thin-skinned European varieties. Typically, when grown indoors, cucumbers like light and warm temperatures to truly flourish. 


Radishes grow fast from seed and will become full-fledged seedlings within seven days. They do not require any supplemental lighting and enjoy cooler temperatures Most consider them an ideal plant for newbies. 


Beans give you a lot of bang for your buck. Choose from green beans, lima beans, pole beans, and pinto beans. Even when grown hydroponically, you’ll need a support system like a trellis to hold up the pole beans. Bean seeds germinate in as little as three to eight days. You can harvest in six to eight weeks. Once you start harvesting the beans you can continue the harvest for three to four continuous months. 

If you decide to try growing hydroponically indoors this winter then why not invest in Humboldts Start Kit which provides you with everything you need to flourish? You’ll receive between 125 to 150 gallons of nutrient solution. Please contact us today to learn more.

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