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Both home gardeners and commercial cultivators are embracing hydroponic gardening. What is making the concept of a hydroponic farming so wildly popular? The method is remarkably simple and relies on a combination of water and nutrients to ensure that plants thrive.

The Many Benefits of Hydroponics

Let’s explore the benefits of hydroponic gardening:

Maximizes Space

One of the best things about hydroponic gardening is that it requires truly little space. You can even create a tiny hydroponic garden in your kitchen for fresh herbs and tasty veggies when you need them the most. 

The main reason why hydroponics requires less space is that the roots do not need to spread out through the soil in search of nutrients and moisture.

Instead, everything the plant needs for growth is delivered directly to the roots either in a constant flow or intermittently. The plant’s roots assume less space so you can garden in a smaller area. 

When you combine hydroponics with vertical stacking methods, the area needed for cultivation is reduced even further. You can easily combine hydroponics with vertical farming technologies which can use 99 percent less land than standard farming.

Conserves Water 

You might be surprised to learn that growing plants hydroponically in water uses less than growing plants in soil. Hydroponic plants grow with 98 percent less water than growing in soil.

The 2019 World Health Organization reports that by 2025 half of the world will live in areas that are deemed water-stressed which makes conserving water even more of a necessity. 

Plants take in about 0.1 percent of needed water via their roots and then release into the air via a process known as transpiration.

With the hydroponic system, the water is then recirculated which allows the plants to absorb all they need and what they do not need is recycled to the rest of the system.

Creates Higher Yields

Hydroponics rely on nutrients and water to produce outstanding yields. You can grow year-round. Studies have shown that a hydroponic greenhouse produces 240 times the yield of traditional soil farming practices. 

Less Labor 

When hydroponically farming, you don’t have to worry about weeding, tilling, or herbicide use which is all labor-intensive practices. A hydroponic greenhouse can easily be managed in a part-time fashion. 

No Soil Required

Soil is messy and half the world’s topsoil has already been lost in the last 150 years. Farming without soil is easier and the plants thrive better because they don’t have to waste the effort of working through the soil in search of water and nutrients. 

Enjoy Year-Round Gardening

With a hydroponic garden, you are not a slave to Mother Nature. You can hydroponically grow indoors using grow lights or a south-facing window.

The small amount of space required makes growing fresh spices and veggies in a small indoor garden a reality. You control the amount of water, nutrients, and light the plants require with ease.

Fast Growth Rate

Plants thrive when grown hydroponically. In fact, they can grow at a rate of 35 to 50 percent faster than traditional gardening methods. 

If you would like to try hydroponic gardening, you’ll need to stock up on nutrients. Contact Humboldts Secret Supply to learn about our many nutrient solutions. 

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