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With much of the United States gripped in record heat year after year, the need for water conservation has become imperative. If you live in drought-stricken regions then the dream of growing a lush, green garden has probably been tossed because of stringent water use rules. Growing with sustainable hydroponics is a great way to conserve water and you can even garden hydroponically indoors! 

Garden Hydroponically to Conserve Water

In areas of severe drought, you can no longer hope for rainfall to water your garden. However, hydroponic gardening is a great way to cultivate a garden (often indoors or in limited space areas) while using truly little water.

History of Hydroponics

In 600 B.C.E, much of the civilized world was in the grips of a drought so people had to become innovative to grow plants. Along the famous Euphrates river, lush gardens were grown in the city of Babylon using walls. In fact, the famous Hanging Gardens of Babylon were an early form of hydroponics that depend on a pulley system to take water from the river and have it cascade over the plants to promote ample growth without relying on frequent rain for irrigation. 

Hydroponics Around the World

Nowadays, hydroponic systems are being used in developing countries throughout the world. Many of the systems are based on the hydroponic system designed by NASA. The systems are remarkably sophisticated but also easy to use. They let the gardener monitor the nutrient levels, temperature, and water’s pH levels. The three main types of hydroponic systems are ebb and flow, wick, and nutrient film techniques.  

With a hydroponic system, the water and nutrients are reused so nothing is wasted. The plants receive the irrigation they need to thrive without wasting a drop. 

Benefits of Hydroponic Farming

There are a lot of advantages to hydroponic farming systems besides water conservation. Below are a few benefits of growing hydroponically:

  • No need for messy soil
  • Space-saving- grow more plants per square foot. 
  • Plants grow larger and produce abundant crops
  • Virtually pest and disease-free
  • Hydroponic cultivation requires little space (you can have a hydroponic garden in your flat). 

Hydroponic Gardening for the Home Grower

You can have a remarkably robust hydroponic garden in a small apartment. Combining the method of hydroponics with vertical gardening is a great way to grow crops in a spare room or in a rooftop garden. 

Getting Started with Hydroponic Gardening

Nowadays, you can even buy small hydroponic grow kits. Imagine growing your own organic species in your kitchen or cultivating an endless supply of lettuce for your salads. All these dreams are doable with hydroponic gardening in the home. Do not let water rationing halt your dreams of fresh veggies and fruits! You can grow and conserve water. 

Top Plants to Grow Hydroponically

Below is a list of a few of the top plants to grow hydroponically:

  • Lettuce
  • Strawberries
  • Peppers
  • Tomatoes
  • Herbs 
  • Spinach
  • Kale
  • Beans
  • Blueberries
  • Radishes

When growing plants hydroponically, you’ll want to supply them with water and nutrients to thrive. At Humboldts Secret Supplies, we sell a full line of nutrients for your hydroponic garden. Contact us to learn more!  


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