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A term being bantered about lately is ‘hydroponic towers.’  Even if you are a long-term hydroponic grower, the phrase might make you scratch your head. Basically, a hydroponic tower is just a new way to refer to vertical hydroponics. 

Growing with Hydroponic Towers 

Sometimes called a ‘tower garden’,  hydroponic towers let you grow all kinds of plants in a well-organized, space-saving vertical structure that is easy to care for. Think of a hydroponic tower like a skyscraper. Each tiny window in the skyscraper suspends a plant. Just as with a high-rise apartment building, you are minimizing the need for space when growing plants hydroponically. 

The Vertical Grow Tower 

A vertical grow tower is a type of hydroponic grow system that uses motorized pumps, coupled with water and nutrient solutions to effectively grow any type of plant. The system is sometimes called ‘residential units.’  Within each slot of the tower are holes that house a single plant. The towers stand in an upright position. They are remarkably compact and portable. You can move them around an apartment with ease and, best of all, they take up extraordinarily little space.  

Hydroponic Tower Considerations 

The efficient hydroponic towers yield an amazing amount of produce. You can easily grow a vertical hydroponic garden in your home, business, or office. The towers are even being used outdoors in small gardens, terraces, balconies, and rooftop gardens. A vertical hydroponic garden is an ideal choice anywhere that is space-starved. 

Here are a few considerations:

  • Light: All plants require sufficient sunlight to thrive. Ideally, plants like 10 to 12 hours of light per day to truly thrive and produce a bountiful harvest. You can position your hydroponic tower by a window, or you can opt to use some other light source such as grow lights to meet the needs of your plants. 
  • Temperature: You’ll want to provide stable temperatures for your growing plants. Most hydroponic systems perform well when the temperature hovers between 60 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit depending on the crop being grown. Some plants naturally prefer cooler temperatures and others thrive when the mercury is higher. 
  • Nutrients: At Humboldts Secret Supplies, we have all of your hydroponic nutrient solutions needed to ensure a bountiful harvest. Contact us to learn more today! 
  • pH Adjusters: An adjuster lets you effectively control the levels of acidity in your hydroponic solution. Plants all have different pH tolerances so you’ll want to maintain pH regulators so you can adjust the pH either up or down to meet the plant’s requirements. 
  • Growing Mediums: Nutrient solutions provide the nourishment your plants need when being grown in hydroponic towers but grow mediums act as support for the structure of the plant and its root system. In addition, the grow medium also offers drainage and aeration. Many vertical grow systems include grow mediums with purchase, but others do not. Rockwool, clay pellets, perlite, vermiculite, coco chips, and rocks are just a few popular grow mediums. 
  • Air Flow:  Airflow is a necessity for the health of your plants when growing in a vertical hydroponic tower. 

Are you ready to try a hydroponic tower? Contact Humboldts Secret Supplies to learn about our many hydroponic nutrient solutions to ensure your garden’s success!

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