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When planting, very few would-be gardeners give much thought to the strength of their plant stems. However, sturdy plant stems are vital to the plant’s overall health. They must hold up during a storm plus support buds and flowers. In many ways, they are the plant’s lifeline to reach valuable sunlight. Ideally, you should focus on fertilizing your plant to encourage healthy stem growth. Humboldts Tree Trunk holds all the valuable nutrients a plant needs to create thick stalks with ample branch strength. 


Understanding the Stems of Plants


Plant stems vary dramatically in diameter and depend on the plant’s type and growth. Typically, the stem is located above the ground but with some plants such as potatoes, the stem also grows beneath the soil line. You will encounter herbaceous (soft) or wood stems that have adapted to provide much-needed support to the plant. In addition, the stems sustain the leaves, flowers, and buds.


Stems are also used as vital storehouses of food for the plant’s future growth. The stem serves the vital function of connecting the plant’s top growth to its root system, so it works as a conductor of all nutrients, minerals, and water for the rest of the vascular system. From the plant’s leaves, the stem acts as a transporter for photosynthesis to push the sugars down to the roots 


Stem Growth


The primary stem growth of any plant occurs in the tip at the base by the roots. The plant starts to grow tall as it reaches up towards the sunlight. It also puts a great deal of energy into the base where it attaches and diversifies into roots. The stem’s secondary growth occurs in the diameter of the stem which is what the plant’s strength. 


All plants are made up of three cellular types: dermal, vascular, and ground tissue.


  • Dermal: The tough outer covering of the stem.
  • Vascular: Conducts water, photosynthesis, and nutrients. 
  • Ground: Used for photosynthesis and support. 



Vital Nutrients for Sturdy Plant Stems 


The soil contains nitrogen and potassium which promote stem growth. However, depending on where you live, it might lack enough to promote optimum development. Also, if you decide to grow hydroponically or in a greenhouse then you will want to supplement to create sturdy plant stem development. 


Pest Resistance and Environmental Tolerance 


Humboldts Tree Trunk is a potassium silicate-based fertilizer that encourages cellular production to create robust plant stems that are pest resistant and more environmentally tolerant. The hydroponic nutrients are ideal as indoor plant food. 


Increased Yield Production 


Typically, the goal of cultivation is to create a bountiful yield by promoting stability and stress resistance. The process is typically achieved by providing the nutrients that a plant needs to truly flourish in a controlled growth environment. You not only want to have a thick plant stock but also abundant branches. 


When to Use Humboldts Tree Trunk 


Humboldts Tree Trunk is designed to be used every other watering. You simply mix half to one teaspoon per gallon of water. Best of all, the formula has been specially formulated for use in hydroponics, aquaponics, coco coir, or in potting soil. 


The importance of sturdy plant stems cannot be stressed enough. With Humboldts Tree Trunk, your plant’s stem will grow healthy and strong so you can enjoy a truly bountiful harvest.

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